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Vento model has high productivity and upper segment standards


Nukon VENTO 315/420/620 LINEAR SYSTEM

Vento Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


4 kW, 6 kW, 8 kW, 10 kW, 12 kW and15 kW laser power options







REX Stands out with its compact structure and it also has the advantage of cutting pipe and profile


Nukon RES 315

REX Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


2 kW, 3 kW, 4 kW, 6 kW and 8 kW laser power options

X model can be equipped with linear motors on X- Axis (the bridge) to achieve better precision and faster travelling speeds

Nozzle cleaning, cut detection, piercing sensor, loading/unloading system and more features






  • LIFT TECH has been designed for loading sheets to machines automatically.
  • Machine operates at high efficiency and increases capacity of production with LIFT TECH.
  • LIFT TECH create lower costs by increasing productivity with a connected system from stock to machine.
  • The ¬†LIFT TECH can load to all 315 models.
  • We use special designed reducer and motor to increase the quality of machine usage.
  • Positioning is provided by servo-motors.
  • We use high quality pads Germany Schmalz brand which has double suction for vacuuming.
  • Dry-type vacuum pump is used with 25 m3 / h capacity




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Toolroom Machinetools

- LEXSAW Bandsaw
Sheetmetal Machinery
- Nukon Tube Laser
- Nukon Vento Laser
- Adira Sheet Metal
- Ermaksan Sheet Metal
- Alma Sheetmetal Software





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