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Alma Sheetmeal Software





CAD import of single parts or assemblies, with retrieval of the quantities.

Automatic recognition of the sectional areas of tubes and profiles.

Possibility to add connections (e.g. pins, hooks) between tubes and profiles of an assembly.

Automatic unfolding and unbending of tubes and profiles.

Automatic generation of the trajectories and the program for cutting tubes and profiles.

Ability to interact with any type and any brand of tubes and profiles-cutting system, without any limitation on the number of machine or robot axes.

Management of specific functions or requirements related to tubes and profiles cutting machines (for example: automatic programming of loading/unloading peripheral units, coupling and tightening constraints for multiple-axis machines, etc.)

Management of machines combining laser cutting with mechanical units (drilling, countersinking, spot facing, counterboring, etc.).




Supports any type and brand of machine. Supports all the cutting technology requirements (laserplasmaoxygen cuttingwater jet etc.)

Powerful nesting algorithms and optimized tool path research.

Automatic user assistance at any stage of the programming and ability to work in full automatic mode.

Easy to use, secure management of the programming process and complete data traceability.

Software openability (interaction with various 2D/3D CAD systems and Production Management Systems or ERP solutions)




    Reduction of press brake idle periods resulting in increased utilization rates.

    Reduction of time-to-production thanks to an improved production planning.

    Elimination of potential expensive programming mistakes before launching manufacturing thanks to folding simulation and collision detection.

    Reduction of programming cycle resulting from a combined use of Unfold module and CAD import, automated functions, possible reuse of existing NC programs, etc. 

    Optimized production planning and cost monitoring thanks to the upstream availability of production data (tooling, adjustment time, etc.)

    A single programming interface for all CNC press brakes in the workshop – possibility for the programming engineer to easily switch from one machine to another.




    A solution that is perfect for basic quotes as well as more complicated price calculations.

    Numerous possibilities for customization according to needs

    Added value deriving from Alma’s expertise in sheet metal (precise automatic calculations of cutting, welding, and folding times, calculations of material costs based on the Alma cutting algorithms, etc.).

    A simple intuitive graphic interface.

    Secure management of the process and complete data traceability.

    Integration into the new generation Almacam Alma software.

    Access to the webQuote service allowing to manage requests for quotes and facilitate communication between ordering parties and sub-contractors.

    Direct connection to the assembly2CAM, the Almacam assembly importing module.

    Openability of software thanks to interfaces (CAD, CAM, Production Management, ERP) and integrated customization tools.


Alma-Nest and Cut


High performance extremely fast automatic 2D nesting of complex shapes.

Many exclusive functions: automatic cleaning of DXF geometries, re-nesting of existing cutting plans, multi-format nesting, export of the part cutting order, etc.

Really fast import and cleaning of DXF geometries.

Adjustable computation time to find the best compromise between material yield and available time.

Very simple to use, no need for any training.

100% web application always benefiting from the latest functionalities.

Can be used for production (export of DXF nestings with part cutting order) or for estimating material costs.

Accessible via a simple monthly subscription: no investment required, no financial risk.


For more information please visit AlmaCAM Software Website: www.almacam.com
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